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What is Educational Software? The primary purpose of Educational Software is self learning, and at Aspex we design our software so that the learning element happens while children are just having fun! We have 15 years experience in the software industry and develop and supply a range of children's educational software, including the popular house design program Spex, for use by kids in primary and secondary schools. Although our software is designed for schools a growing number of parents are choosing to obtain it for their children to use at home. Aspex software titles are 'content free', which means that the scope of each program is limited only by the child's imagination, rather than by the completion of a list of set piece educational activities. Children find our software stimulating, relevant, simple and fun to use. Why not download some of our educational software titles and try them out for yourself.

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Eine spannende neue Children's Educational Software für einfache 3D-Design

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