Work more effectively with improved version of Directory Lister

Presseveröffentlichung: Directory Lister Pro

Publisher: KRKsoft

Work more effectively with improved version of Directory Lister KRKsoft has released version 2 of Directory Lister, a Windows tool which enables users to generate listings of files and save them as text, HTML, CSV or database. Directory Lister is designed for anyone who ever wondered how to print the contents of a Windows folder, or for users who want to share their collection of music files and videos with their friends. It is also very useful in printing the contents of recorded CDs and DVDs, eliminating the need to insert these media to find a single file. It can also be used in computer forensic work to investigate the files stored on a hard disk, pendrive or other media. Version 2 provides much enhanced user interface with bigger toolbar icons and more comprehensive progress dialog. It also supports filtering folders by name, date, attributes or size. Apart from displaying the standard Windows Explorer columns like file name, size, last access date and attributes, Directory Lister can include many of the hidden files" properties not visible in standard Windows Explorer window. These properties include Microsoft Office documents attributes like author, subject, title and comments which are stored as meta data inside such files. The listing can also include multimedia properties like video and audio formats, width and height, length, number of channels and frames per second. For music files several properties can be listed like track number, title, artist, album, genre and comments. Several EXIF properties can be listed for photos like camera and lens used, date taken, resolution, aperture and ISO speed. For executable files, Directory Lister can list file version, product name, copyright, company and comment fields. Also hash sums for each file and directory can be generated. This feature can be used to compare two directories to determine whether they contain exactly the same files, even when file names are different. Directory Lister can calculate CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 and Whirlpool hash sums. The listing can be customized by specifying format options, sorting of files and directories or the order of listed columns. The generated listing can be saved as a plain text file or more powerful HTML format. Several predefined HTML styles are pre-installed with the application. The HTML listing can be stored on a web page with or without clickable links to files. CSV output provides easy way to import the file to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Direct database output allows creating lists from the biggest file archives. To filter files or folders, the user can specify various filters for file name, extension, date, size or attributes. Directory Lister runs under all variants of Windows operating system, from XP owards including the latest Windows 10 and may be purchased for $29 (for the most popular Pro edition) online at with discounts on larger volumes.