Calculation of Helmert and Molodenski Transformation Parameter Sets

Presseveröffentlichung: SEVENPAR

GeoDLL includes the calculation of Helmert and Molodenski Transformation Parameter Sets in own program developments.
Killet Software Ing.-GbR

Besides the common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other geodetic applications, own program developments are often used for the collection, processing and presentation of spatial data. The current version 14.33 of the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL, developed by the Geosoftware Company KilletSoft in Germany, generates Helmert and Molodenski Parameter Sets from up to 30.000 identical points. Software developers thus have a further opportunity to embed geodetic functionality into their own programs. The Transformation Parameter Sets determined by GeoDLL can be directly used in Geographic Information Systems, in transformation software like TRANSDAT Coordinate Transformation from the same manufacturer, or in GPS receivers. The Seven Parameters of the Spatial Helmert Transformation are calculated in the three standards "Coordinate Frame Rotation", "Position Vector Transformation" and "European Standard ISO 19111". However, the main feature of the GeoDLL is the precise 2D and 3D Coordinate Transformation between the Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) around the world. The complete manual of GeoDLL with all function descriptions is available on the Internet at