Soft4Boost Releases Dup File Finder

Presseveröffentlichung: Soft4Boost Dup File Finder

Soft4Boost releases a new skinable free Windows tool - Soft4Boost Dup File Finder. It will help PC users free up hard disk space by finding and deleting unnecessary duplicate files. January 16, 2013 Soft4Boost releases a new skinable free program - Soft4Boost Dup File Finder. With the help of this tool Windows users will be able to recover gigabytes of space taken up by unnecessary duplicates. The program offers a multilingual interface that is available in English, French, Russian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, and Italian. Most computer users create and download different files on a daily basis. As time goes by, hard disks get packed with documents, pictures, music, movies, and other files. And then suddenly there is almost no free disk space left! But that is only partly true. Most PC users are unaware of how many duplicate files there are cluttering their hard disks. All those songs that have been downloaded twice, holiday photos uploaded multiple times, documents copied and pasted, so that you have them in two folders at once! All that wasted disk space can be reclaimed by simply deleting duplicate files. Apart from using up hard disk space, having too many duplicate files can make your computer run slower. Deleting them will help you speed up disk defragmentation, Windows search, and anti-virus scans. Soft4Boost Dup File Finder is a small utility that will help you get rid of useless duplicates. It will ask you for duplicate files search criteria, do a quick but thorough search and present you with the list of duplicate files. You can review them before deleting any. That way you can avoid deleting any files that are not duplicates, but match your search criteria. To delete files, simply check the appropriate check boxes and click on the Delete button. But what if you have two identical files that have different names? That can happen when you download something twice. No worries - Soft4Boost Dup File Finder a special search engine that matches files by content. Soft4Boost Dup File Finder works on Win8/Win7/Vista/2008/XP/2000/2003. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit and dual-core CPU.